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WARNING: The STRATEGIC MENTORING'S PLATINUM SYNDICATE MASTERMIND IS ULTRA EXCLUSIVE And Limited To Only A Few More Entrepreneurs 9 3 Spots Left...(And, no this isn't a scarcity ploy we close soon)
I'm Looking For Real Entrepreneurs Who Want To...
Turn Up Your Speakers!
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I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You DOUBLE Your Traffic, And TRIPLE Your Conversions This Year!
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" There Are Only Ever 8 to 10 Entrepreneurs In The Mastermind - Most Members Renew Year After Year Leaving Very Few Openings. But I'm conducting a crazy experiment and cooking up something special just for you. I'm officially growing the group to include 2 more elements of group mentoring and coaching at the highest levels Right Now and A Couple Of Spots Have Opened Up But It Will Only Be For A Short Time..."
Why The Strategic Mentoring Platinum Syndicate Mastermind Is Pretty Much...
Yes, I know that is a bold statement but hear me out. That's exactly what a couple of my entrepreneurs have said. The Strategic Mentoring Platinum Syndicate Mastermind Is The Go-To Choice Trusted By World-Class Entrepreneurs, Business Consultants, Professional Speakers, Elite Trainers, E-Commerce Professionals, High Ticket Coaches, and High Level Service-Professionals Selling Multiple Products and Services to Affluent Buyers and Influential Decision Makers.
What You Can Expect Inside:
  • Learn: The Art And Science Of Lead Generation Using Paid Media From Some of Peter's Best Paid Traffic Insiders.
  • Discover: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF HIGH-TICKET AFFLUENT SELLING (How To Really Do It. Warning, its not what you think.)
  • Get: THE REAL SECRETS TO THE ART AND SCIENCE OF ADVANCED POSITIONING AND PREEMINENCE FOR INSTANT AUTHORITY AND TRUST within your market...(Its actually easier than you think, but sadly many screw this strategy up.)
  •  Bonus: Live Quarterly Mastermind "hot seat" sessions
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"Best Decision EVER"

Peter helped me become a international best selling author, top speaker, and build multiple six figure businesses
- Desmond Ong
Take A Sneak Peek Inside My Mind And...
The Last Mastermind
*Warning This Video Is Raw, Real, In Your Face Type Stuff. I Don't Hold Back Any Punches And Clients Respect That. Watch At Your Own Risk.

"Yep, Its finally here. A Personal Invitation From Peter Parks For You To Finally Collaborate With Him, His Partners, Power Players, Industry Insiders, And Other Luminaries At A Secret, Luxurious, Heavenly Oasis. (Or online for you entrepreneurs who prefer not to have the adventure of flying.) Where You'll Discover Step By Step How To Engineer Incremental Growth And Scale In Your Business, That Lets You Produce A Predictable, Sustainable, Scalable Business That You Position For Exit Or Acquisition Over The Course Of 3 Intensive, Mind Altering, Mind Expanding, Transformative Days Guaranteed."
Peter Parks Serial Entrepreneur

Read This Before Going ANY further:
From: Peter Parks,
Writing to you from my beachfront oasis completely lost and loving every minute of it somewhere in Asia.

To: Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs & Future Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs 

Dear Entrepreneur,

"What’s the difference between a multiple six, seven and eight figure earner... and what impact does it really make on your life?"


But first, If you're reading this, then you know that a mastermind is the fastest way to get to your next level...

What's a mastermind you ask?

It's a group of like minded individuals all working together to elevate their game - to make more money, to gain more freedom and achieve the life they've always dreamed of...

And if you want to be apart of a group like that without having to pay $5,000 - $17,500 - $25,000 - $50,000 or even $100,000.00 a year to join (that's how much my masterminds cost)... 

Then this will be the most important letter you'll ever read:
But First A Word Of Warning:
The Strategic Mentoring Platinum Syndicate Mastermind is NOT for everyone...

In fact, this mastermind is ONLY for 2 types of very distinctive people:

1.) High Net-Worth Entrepreneurs who are trying to reach their next level of income, wealth, abundance, or fulfillment.

2.) Future High Net-Worth Entrepreneurs who are committed to their success and willing to do whatever it takes to join the elite income earners across the globe and who want to give back to their communites.

If that's not you, then stop reading now, because we will unfortunately have to remove you from the mastermind if you try to join...

However if you are a High Net-Worth Entrepreneur - or if you're committed to becoming one then...

Continue to read on as I briefly share my story with you. 
For Years I Was Stuck...
and like you I finally had enough. 

but it came at a crushing price tag that I wouldn't wish for anyone to go through for that matter.

Before massive success there is most times epic failure.

I lost my home, my car, my income, I was homeless for an entire bitterly cold Canadian winter where most nights were like -20 degrees.

I finally ended up sleeping in the Salvation Army for 3 weeks on a pissed stained cot besides drug addicts and criminals fearing for my life every night not knowing whether or not I would get stabbed in my sleep.

Yes those were dark, tough times indeed.

But each day I thought to myself..." I know there was more out there."

But the keys I thought were..."How do I make it work? 

"How does one get more out of life?"

"How do I really achieve financial abundance? Time abundance, lifestyle abundance?"

And, then it happened it all fell into place.

Fast forward to today I've discovered the secrets to success, happiness, and financial, time, and lifestyle abundance never having to worry about money again.

Would you like to know more about how I did it and how you can do it to?

Great, if your looking to know whether or not I got the answer to help you build. grow. scale. and profit with your business watch the video above and you'll get your answer. 

Or I'm guessing you already know I can help you because you've seen my clients results and you know you want the same explosive growth in your business so click the link below to apply right now.
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I'm a FAST action taker - and I know this won't be open long
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The process is simple, I'll help grow your business every step of the way. Watch the video below to get a sneak peek to how entrepreneurs scale their businesses with my help or simply click the red "Yes! I'm Ready To Apply Now!" box below.
  • The End Result: Transformative Growth In Your Business
  • Facts: Since being online from 2001 to present I've helped 96 entrepreneurs become Millionaires, 32 entrepreneurs become Multi-Millionaires, and over 1633 entrepreneurs become Multiple Six Figure Income Earners
  • ​Since 2012 I've Spoken All Over The Globe And Trained Tens Of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Through My Programs, Webinars, Guest Spots, Videos, Courses, Break Out Masterminds And Advertising Across Multiple Networks Around The Globe
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And Here's What You Get Access To Inside When You Secure Your Spot In The Strategic Mentoring Platinum Syndicate Mastermind
Inside the mastermind I have one of the most explosive growth courses on the planet when it comes to scaling your business and putting it in a position to be either acquired or you exit it.

The process is simple, I'll help grow and scale your business every step of the way.

Here's a sneak peek to how entrepreneurs build, grow, and scale their businesses with my help
This is full blown training mentoring and membership site for you to learn how to Build. Grow. Scale. your business
You'll learn the inside strategies and techniques to building a highly sustainable and thriving online business through our live mentoring calls
Revenues are the "life blood" for all businesses, we go deep to reveal all angles of how you can increase your revenues that's both top line and bottom line
There is much more of this high level content inside of the mentoring membership site, and its yours today when you take action.

Remember information is great, Access is where its at.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
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With My Trainings And Elite Masterminds
WARNING: The Strategic Mentoring's Platinum Syndicate Mastermind Is Limited To Only A Few More Entrepreneurs 9 3 Spots Are Left
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Facts: Since being online from 2001 to present I've helped 96 entrepreneurs become Millionaires, 32 entrepreneurs become Multi-Millionaires, 1633 entrepreneurs become Multiple Six Figure Income Earners, and I've Trained Tens Of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs, Business Operators, Affiliates, Direct Sales People, Network Marketers, SEO Experts, Bloggers, And Everyday Startups Through My Programs, Webinars, Guest Spots, Videos, Courses, Break Out Masterminds And Advertising Across Multiple Networks Around The Globe. 
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